Monday, May 28, 2012

Summer Professional Reading

Even though the school year is not quite finished yet - this will be my last week - I am starting to think about what professional books I want to read this summer. My mind is spinning with end-of-the-year details but I know that soon I will let it all go and be ready to read and think about next year.

Last year around this time, I was on Twitter and chatting with Laura Komos and Cathy Mere about summer reading plans and we decided to have an online book club of sorts. We decided on a book, Conferring by Patrick Allen, and started #cyberPD. For our #cyberPD, we took turns hosting conversations about parts of the book on our respective blogs and had a twitter chat when we finished. Many people joined in and it turned out to be a great experience.

We are planning on doing it again this year. So to get things started, we have decided to share our summer professional reading book stacks and see what we have in common.

You can probably see that I have already been reading bits and pieces of some of these books by the sticky notes sticking out of the top of the books. These are all books that I really want to dive into this summer and read deeply instead of just skimming and scanning them.

I also always reread Choice Words by Peter H. Johnston every summer to really prepare myself for the new school year. This year I think I will add two other books, Math Exchanges and Catching Readers Before They Fall,  to my reread pile because they also really reflect my personal teaching philosophy. 

If you have a summer professional reading book stack, please share it in the comments below or on Twitter using #cyberPD. I am always looking for great books to add to my stack. Cathy, Laura and I will be filling you in on the details of this summer's #cyberPD soon.

Be sure to visit Cathy's blog, Reflect and Refine: Building a Learning Community and Laura's blog, Our Camp Read-A-Lot to see their summer reading book stacks.


  1. In last month's Title Talk, several of us talked about doing the Common Core Standards book. I'm going to reread Peter Johnston's stuff, also maybe some math stuff this summer. I loved our online PD last summer and am totally up for it again this summer!

    1. Carol,
      I had forgotten about that #titletalk. I was one of the people who wanted to read the Common Core book. I will need to get a copy of that book, too.

  2. A great list and I have many on my to read over the summer list too. Thanks for sharing and when I get closer to my summer vacation (I have five more weeks of teaching) I will write and share

  3. You have a great list - I also have the new Peter Johnston book in my stack. Would love for you to post your 'year-in-review' reflections regarding your integration of ideas from Math Exchanges and Everyday Mathematics. Were you happy with the changes you made mid-year? Good luck this week.

    1. Mary,

      Good point. I do need to go back and do some follow up posts - on Math Exchanges and Explore Time. I will start thinking about those next. Thanks for the reminder.

  4. Jill,
    I think we all have Opening Minds and Number Sense Routines in our stacks. I am going to check into Making Thinking Visible. It seems to be on a lot of lists. We used Child Centered Mathematics this year and I learned so much from it. It is a tremendous resource and is in my "reread" pile. Looking forward to #cyberPD!

  5. I loved learning along side great teachers and educators last summer for the #cyberPD. I'm so glad that you three are at it again! Great titles (many I have not read), but I've also got "Opening Minds" waiting for me. I want to check out that "Making Thinking Visible" as well. I know I've seen the cover before.

    Looking forward to learning with you again!