Sunday, June 24, 2018

Links I Love 6/24 - Literacy

Revolutionary Reading: Reading to Change the World - slides from a presentation by Jess Lifshitz

#classroombookaday: Engaging Picture Book Read-Alouds That Support Community & Identity - slides from a presentation by Jillian Heise

"I think as teachers we all say and do things in the course of the day hoping it is in the best interest of our students. I am confident that all of the music teachers I had wanted what they thought was best for me. But they let me know over and over again that I was just not cut out to be a person who sings. Of course, we want students who can read, but we also want students who become lifelong readers. We want students who see themselves as readers and students who cannot imagine a full life without reading. We need to remember that in every single interaction we have with a child."

"In our zeal to be ever so helpful to our struggling readers, we may find ourselves falling into the trap of finding and pointing out the error to the child ourselves.  When the teacher finds the error the focus turns to fixing the error rather than promoting self-monitoring during reading.  Finding the error for the child and showing them how to fix the error will not help to improve the child’s ability to self-monitor.   THE CHILD NEEDS TO FIND THE ERROR!"

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