Saturday, May 19, 2018

Links I Love 5/19/18

Two of my favorite presentations from ShadowCon 2018 - notes about each presentation are from Dan Meyer's blog post.

 Andrew Gael reveals the potency of our presumptions about student competence, and how students often live up and down to those presumptions. What we believe about student competence affects how we work with those students, which affects their opportunities to develop competence.
ShadowCon 2018 - Andrew Gael from Shadow Con on Vimeo.

Javier Garcia contrasts the ways we talk about students (as though they're incomplete, fallible) and mathematics (as though it's complete, infallible) and made a case that teachers should reverse those two descriptions.
ShadowCon 2018 - Javier Garcia from Shadow Con on Vimeo.

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