Saturday, May 5, 2018

Links I Love 5/5/18

Planning for Growth in Teaching
"When we are able to see setbacks as a natural part of learning and living, look at them honestly, and come away with some valuable feedback about what to try differently next time, then we live as teachers who constantly grow and develop and constantly improve."

Engaging Children with Ellin Keene and Tom Newkirk - Podcast or Written Transcript of the Podcast

"Can you think back to when you were last fully engaged in something? So consumed that you lost all track of time and your surroundings? As Ellin Keene writes, “when engaged, we enter into a state of wideawakeness that is almost blissful.” She says this feeling is intoxicating. How can our students find this deep engagement on their own? In her newest book, Engaging Children, Ellin Keene explores that very idea. She examines the conditions that lead to engagement and how we can promote student-driven engagement."

The Low Kids and The High Kids

"And sometimes, being in this work means we develop some short-cut ways of describing the complexity of what we see in front of us. It's normal and natural as humans to look for patterns in our experience and categorize things. If we didn't our brains would be on overload all the time. We need these ways of explaining the world. But sometimes, these short-cut terms we come to use to describe our teaching world need to be examined. We need to take a step back and make sure that we aren't doing harm by labeling things and putting kids into categories they can't escape. We need to use that kind teacher heart as a lens to examine what short cuts our brains have made for us."

Resources for Elementary Math Teachers

A Google doc with a wide variety of resources for elementary math teachers.

Random Photos and Screenshots of Tweets

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  1. Thank you! I so needed the Ellin Keene and Tom Newkirk podcast to keep me going!