Friday, June 10, 2016

Trying to Find My Way

So I haven't posted on this blog for almost two years. Today my thoughts were swirling and I thought my head might explode, so I knew that I needed to find a way to hold these ideas so that I could come back to them again. I have been doing lots of reading - online and off - and so many ideas are converging and diverging. I can't seem to pull them all together and decide how they will impact my teaching or the learning of my students. Perhaps another blog post will come along once (if) that begins to happen. I know that writing helps clarify your thoughts but I am still too far gone for that.

Books I Have Been Reading:
Mathematical Mindsets by Jo Boaler (currently reading)
Making Sense of Mathematics by Cathy Seeley
The Journey is Everything by Katherine Bomer

Blog Posts, Articles and Tweets that I Have Been Reading and/or Rereading:
A Thousand Rivers by Carol Black
On The Wildness of Children by Carol Black
Children Teach Themselves to Read by Peter Gray Ph. D. in Psychology Today
Five-Year-Olds "Falling Behind" by The Teacher Tom
This is Why "Personalized Learning" Will Fail by Will Richardson
The Five Questions That Most Define My Work by Will Richardson
Learning to Disrupt: Six Courses that Must be Required for Every Pre-Service Teacher by Ira David Socol
Hour of Code is Good Enough by Dean Shareski
Excerpt from Choice Words by Peter H. Johnston in a tweet by Tracy Johnson Zager
Education begins the moment... a tweet by A Recipe for Wonder
Tweet about "deficits and dysfunctions" by Alicia Martin
This Work. It is Lonely. by@JessLif
Why Teachers Need to Know the Wrong Answers by Anya Kamenetz

If you read through some of these links and can help me begin to process some of this, please share your thoughts. I need them!


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  2. Hi Jill! I immediately clicked the Richardson blog and love his take on"personalized learning" as "personal learning"! Thank you for sharing these great articles!

  3. You have been reading widely! Thank you for sharing the links - lots to read and digest!