Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Summer Book Stack - Professional Reads

Every summer I always have a stack of professional books that I want to read. This summer is no different. I am so glad that now I have the whole #cyberpd community to share in this reading with me. My stack is not really a stack so far this summer but here are the books that I am planning to read, wanting to order and read, or wanting to reread.

Books I Plan to Read
I have tried to limit myself a little this year and have refrained from ordering every book that I want to read. I currently only have three books in my "plan to read" pile. You can click on the photo of the books to read more about them. They are:

I couldn't do a traditional "stack" photo because I have Connected from the Start by Kathy Cassidy in e-book form and it will be a while  before Connecting Comprehension and Technology by Stephanie Harvey, Anne Goudvis, Katherine Muhtaris, and Kristin Ziemke arrives. It has an estimated publishing date of 6/15/13. All three of these books look so interesting to me that I can't wait to get started.

Books I Might Order
There are several other books that I would love to read and may order soon. I am holding off on ordering any of them until I see what book we select for #cyberpd this year because I may learn about other books I want to order, too. They are:

Books I Plan to Reread
Of course, there are several books that I love to reread all or parts of each summer to help me refresh my thinking. They are:

I also plan to search through my collection of professional books and reread any books or parts of books that have to do with word work. I want to make some changes to this part of our day and want to go back and sift through the ideas in the books I already own.

Now it is your turn to share what professional books you might choose to read this summer. There are many ways to share. Here are a few ideas:
 Cathy, Laura and I will go through all of the lists that are shared and select one book to read for #cyberpd this summer. We will then let you all know about the dates and details of the event so we can all read along together and join in a blog/twitter conversation about the book we have selected. Be sure to share your list soon and then check back for more details about the event.

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  1. Jill,
    I think I need to prioritize my list as well. I forgot about Kathy Cassidy's book. I have Kristin Ziemke's book on my list too. I have already read Assessment in Perspective, but think it would be a great book to discuss in depth with others. So many books, so little time.