Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Our Reading Book Club

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Our Reading Book Club
We have turned into avid readers. Our classroom has built a culture of reading. What this means exactly is spelled out in the list below. I love this time of year and this feeling that the crew always gets about how wonderful it is to be able to read.
  • The crew begs to be read to by myself or Wendy. They love to listen to a good book and then be able to discuss it as a crew.
  • Many of the crew beg for extra independent reading time.
  • Students bring in books from home to share with the crew. They know what kind of books our crew enjoys.
  • One day I was reading aloud one of these books that was brought in to share and some of the crew gasped. I asked what was up and they said that it looked like the book I was reading about Mr. Magee was illustrated by the same person who illustrated Mercy Watson. We dug around and found an Mercy Watson book and they were right. They are learning so much about favorite authors and illustrators.
  • In the morning before school starts some of the crew give me little updates about what they read at home the night before. Sometimes this is simply a number of pages or chapters and sometimes it is a retell of what they read.
  • Sometimes in the middle of independent reading someone will ask if they can go show what they just read to another crew member because they know that the other child will enjoy it or should read this book, too.
  • They make great connections between books as we read. At the beginning of the year the connections they made were very basic "I know someone with that name (the name of the main character)" and now their connections are related to their own experiences or to other books.
  • One connection that was made between books was the use of the phrase "hit the road". It came up in an Amelia Bedelia book and in a Mr. Magee. The crew liked that because they had heard that phrase before they knew what it meant and did not make the same mistake that Amelia Bedelia did and think it meant to actually hit the road. 
  • One day during independent reading I heard some soft whispering going on. I was guessing that two students were sharing a funny part of a book but it turns out that they were buddy reading. One child read a page and then the other child read a page.
  • The crew can talk about authors, illustrators and their own favorite series. They love to share new finds with the rest of the crew. They function just like a book club.
 Being able to read is something that we as adults often take for granted. Kids at this age do not. They are so happy to finally be able to read after waiting for this moment for so long.

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