Saturday, January 14, 2012


I recently took a break from blogging, tweeting and reading blog posts. When I returned to the tech world, I saw a tweet (can't remember who tweeted it now) that finally got me interested in Pinterest because it linked to this Pinterest board:

iPad Apps in Education
It was yet another list of iPad apps but this time the visual aspect of it really appealed to me. I have many lists of apps but I never take the time to sort through them and I finally figured out that they just weren’t appealing to me when they were just lists of words. The pictures really piqued my interest.
Now, I am rather addicted to Pinterest. I use it for both personal and professional reasons.

My favorite way to use it for school purposes is to create boards of picture books that I use when teaching genre studies in writing. I love being able to see the covers of the books I use. It helps me to remember the book and why I like to use it. The best part, though, is that I have linked to my public library’s page for that book so with just a click or two, I can place the book on hold. No more searching the library site and no more forgetting to use my favorite book when teaching each unit. So far I have created boards for genre studies on pattern books, question and answer books, wordless picture books, personal narrative books and environmental issues books.

This post was originally written as a comment on Jen Wagner's post about Pinterest and how she uses it for school purposes. Check it out for more ideas for ways to use Pinterest.

I would to hear how you use Pinterest or if you have any book suggestion to add to my genre study pages. Here is the link to all of my Pinterest boards.

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  1. I love Pinterest for the same 'visual' reason you do. However, I never thought of using it as a back-up to my aging memory. Fantastic! Thanks.