Monday, October 17, 2011

Never Too Old for a Good Read Aloud

My daughter is in middle school and can read on her own but we still have a family read aloud time almost every day. We started when she was a baby, reading board books. One night her dad read to her and the next night I read to her. This pattern lasted for years. Recently it has changed to just her dad reading aloud to her each night but the dog and I still always listen in, too. I am not sure what brought about this change. It could be that she knows that I love to be read to also or it could be that her dad does a great job of reading aloud or it could be that she and I now have another way that we share books. She and I will read aloud a different book at some other time of day - she reads a while and then I read a while.

We have shared so many great books this way and can connect so many things from our daily life to the books we have read. I don't want these read aloud times to ever end. This made me remember reading about a father and daughter who had a "reading promise" and they ended up reading aloud every night from when the daughter was in fourth grade until she went to college. It made many news sources and the daughter has now written a book about it. I hope that our family can continue to read until our daughter finishes high school also.

Reading aloud is for everyone. The other night when my husband was reading from Clementine and the Family Meeting, the latest book in one of our favorite series, I was so touched by a passage he read that I was prompted to write this post. The passage was about a family meeting between Clementine, her little brother and her parents. The parents were sharing the news that the family was going to grow by adding a new baby. Clementine is not happy about this at first and says that the family "is moving too fast" and that they are "not ready". The passage that touched me was her mother's response:
"Oh, honey," my mom said. "Life is always moving too fast and we're never ready. That's how life is. But somehow that's just perfect."
I know that this passage will come up again in future conversations with our daughter. It will help us talk about how we all feel that things are moving too fast but that sometimes that is okay.

Reading aloud is a great way to bring up issues that can be challenging. We have read books about divorce, cerebral palsy, autism, financial difficulties, growing up, middle school, family relationships and more. It helps to have some of these topics brought up in a book so you can discuss them from a distance and not feel quite so personally involved.

I love to be read to and I think that many others do, too. Do you?


  1. Thank you for sharing this post.
    The family that reads together -- stays together!!

    In answer to your question - YES!! I very much enjoy being read to.....
    Our local library has Story Hour .... the rule is that you have to bring a child -- so I often borrow friends kids (and now grandkids) so I can go listen in.

    I also have many many books on tape/cd that I listen to as I drive. Often times, when the audio book comes to movie -- I realize, my mind did a much better job with the movie than the directors!! :)

    Thank you again for sharing this blog -- and I do look forward to meeting the Fisch family sometime soon.


  2. Jill,
    You know I do! I have added several to my picture book collection over break. I can't pass up a good picture book...sometimes, just for the pictures.